Auto Billing Form


The Form Controls

Click on the row numbers to the left of the billing form to delete the numbers in the row of the form.
You can figure discounts or taxes and fines by clicking in the total field window and typing * and the percentage in decimal form. Click + for taxes and fines, click - for discounts then click the Tot button.


When using the billing form you should enter all of your taxable items first then add tax and any credits or fines.

The calculator form is printable both in full and half sheets. To print in half sheets when you are on the print preview screen select portrait then select margins and custom. Now adjust the sliders on

the print preview screen in half.

The convenience of a billing form with an integrated calculator.

google clear cache

The Auto Billing Form program was built to do billing with ease and comfort with only 4 buttons to concern yourself with. The Clear form clears all the information from the billing form and its memory. The number buttons to the left of the form beside each row will clear the row and recalculate the form allowing you to enter new data.

The tool has web storage embedded in its program meaning if you come back and you don't click the clear form button or the clear app storage under main menu--> tools-->clear browsing data--> hosted app data. As long as you follow these direction you will have this data until the hard drive crashes. Within the next month I will be putting on more forms with different memory.